On the treadmill

So, Christmas… family, bedrooms, dinners, visitors, meals, gifts, breakfasts, weariness, more visitors, more dinners, lunches, more gifts, cough, cold, more dinners, total exhaustion…

Yes, I think that just about sums it up.

After Christmas… cough, cold; snow, ice, dangerous roads, school closed for nearly 2 weeks; stayed indoors for a fortnight straight before returning to work; tired, wishy washy, procrastinating obsessively…

Back to work/school… email, messages, filing; updates to website, VLE, digital display system (aka big tellies); more messages, more updates, and so it goes on…

Doing my best to step off the treadmill today… slow breakfast, listening to radio; food shopping (well we have to eat don’t we?); Waitrose wrap, fresh soup and posh crisps for lunch; catching up with The Happiness Project, Zen Habits, Box of Crayons, Bad Science etc; feeling sleepy in the afternoon; hoovered and put shopping away to wake up (it worked); blogging here…

So this blog post represents my success today in getting off the treadmill.  I have enjoyed slowing down, thinking my own thoughts without interruption.  I’ve come across a couple of interesting things to make me think.  And most important of all, I’ve taken action – I have lived to blog again!

Note: Interesting things mentioned above

The Reason you’re stuck – Seth Godin on ZenHabits 

Middlemarch, Improvisation, and a Little Bit Married – Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project


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