>Guardian Work-Life Balance


The following is an email I sent to the Guardian’s Work editor the other day:
“Last Saturday (12th April 2008) in the Work section of the Guardian you printed a request for bloggers to come forward and tell you about their work-life balance. It was with some dismay that I realised that, due to my inadequate juggling skills, I’m still reading Saturday’s Guardian on Wednesday!
As an ICT Technician in a secondary school, a partner in a farm business, and a wife and mother, I have found myself running faster and faster just to stand still (and often falling behind). So after months of soul-searching I approached my line manager at school and asked if it would be OK for me to work part time. She accepted my suggestion readily, which I found rather disconcerting.
So, from now on I only do salaried work for 3 days of the week. It remains to be seen whether my self-employed work and my “domestic engineering” will expand to occupy the rest of my week, or whether I will in fact get my coveted “me-time”. Also, we will see whether my status at school changes, and how people’s attitudes to my decision will differ.
Blogging seems like a good way to explore the changes, for my benefit and for others’, and I would hope my writing skills are up to the Guardian’s high standards. I’d love to take part.
(51 year old part-time geek, Cornish farmer’s wife and mother of 2 students)”

Unfortunately I was too late with my application. Now, wouldn’t I have made a brilliant Guardian blogger?


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